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Face Apprecation: Ghazan


"I got you."

With Korra, we didn’t want her to be perfect or have everything figured out. She was awesome at this one skill or this set of skills, but still had a lot of growing up to do. She’s basically a girl who was secluded away for most of her life at the south pole, didn’t really have any friends or close friends - and was set off into the world to like, not only save the world, but then have these relationships with people her age and stuff. You’re bound to make some stupid decisions or not say the right thing all the time. But I think once people sees the full series arc she goes through… you know, she comes to a nice place. — Michael Dante DiMartino (x)  (via elementalavatars)


♦ A:TLA Meme | Ten Fights [10/10]

 ↳ Aang vs Ozai 

Fire Lord Ozai, you and your forefathers have devastated the balance of this world. And now you shall pay the ultimate price!



Ming-Hua making an umbrella when it rains.

P’li crouching down to make her job easier. 

Ghazan keeping them warm with lava.

Zaheer talking about how much Guru Laghima loved the rain.

Ming-Hua letting the water fall on him because he won’t shut up about Guru Laghima.


poor Zaheer


Sometimes I can’t stop thinking about how Zuko accidentally spoke against his father and begged for forgiveness, on his knees with tears in his eyes, and got half his face burned off and banished from his home

Then Zuko betrayed his uncle and everything Iroh had ever taught him, begged for forgiveness on his knees with tears in his eyes, and got a hug and complete forgiveness and unconditional love

Tenzin’s courageous sacrifice to save the new Air Nation.

"No you miscalculated! You should have feared me more.”